Fellow Creatures

Fellow Creatures is a vegan, dairy-free chocolate factory based in Scotland. They only use organic ingredients and making creamy milkless chocolate. We created a unique, friendly, and colourful identity and package design for them that represents the personality of the company and distinguishes it on the market.

Debrecen 2023 - "Sharing Horizons" - Bid Book

Debrecen 2023 - European Cultural Capital of Culture's final candidacy stage stage Bid book design. The book answers 51 official questions regarding the cultural capital year and explains and all the possible cultural programs and development concepts for 2023 and beyond.


Packaging and identity case for Adamo, a delightful family-oriented company designing and manufacturing hammocks and other accessories for babies and young children.

Future Now

An identity that based on current trends, yet envisions and refers the future. That is represented with contemporary colour palette, imagery and the logotype by mashing together a traditional grotesk with a futuristic typeface.​​​​​​​

Brew Your Mind

Brand and visual identity design for Brew Your Mind, one of Hungary's top craftbeer brewery. The main visuals based on the concept of impossible 3D forms and optical illusions, which came from their choice of brand name. That refers to the "blow your mind" saying as an effect, that they want to achieve with their top quality service and atmospheric beers.

Debrecen 2023

The city of Debrecen is proudly competing to be the European Cultural Capital of 2023. We created an identity for the candidate city based on the idea of people and culture attracting each other like magnetic fields do.


An Identity for a dynamic, Budapest based technological development company. Clear and simple visuals with a hint of oriental impact, which based on their brand idol: a perspicacious and knowledge seeking god, Asuras.


We established an identity that is quite dynamic and variable and embodies their core values like creativity, innovation, openness and metropolitan spirit. Thus we were able to firmly differentiate the different faculties while keeping it consistent and unified. The emblem draws from the architecture and the changing urban landscape.